Lennon was Bach, Hendrix Bartok

(press release) In their previous lives, Sir Paul was Scarlatti, Lennon J.S. Bach, Sting Schubert and Hendrix Bartok. Thus postulates the Barbary Coast Guitar Duo.

According to them, it wasn't the psychadelic drugs that influenced what possibly are the most brilliant and well-crafted songs ever written in modern times. "No, it's the result of reincarnation of some of the greatest composers in music history" says matter-of-factly Florante Aguilar, one half of the guitar duo. "It was their inner Stravinsky pounding away".

"The Beatles' strict observance of 17th century counterpoint? Uncanny. Their effective use of voice leading and text painting? Master-like. Sting's gift for naturally flowing melodies are straight out of a Schubert lieder. And what to make of Hendrix's liberal use of ancient scales like pentatonic and mixolydian? You can't tell us that was independently arrived at by a man from the 20th century."

Call it years of over-education at the conservatory but this dynamic duo's tongue-in-cheek approach sets out to prove the theory with the release of their CD Suites for 2 Guitars: The Music of Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and The Police. A collection of heart-stopping guitar duo re-interpretation of classic rock songs.

The Barbary Coast Guitar Duo (Florante Aguilar and Michael Walsh) have been wowing audience in the Bay Area and beyond for over 10 years. Their fiery interpretations, crisp ensemble playing, and engaging stage presence promise to "blow the roof off this joint". The duo's concept of the recording stems simply from their desire to play the music they love and grew up with. "We owe our existence as musicians in equal parts to Andres Segovia and Jimi Hendrix".

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