Brad Vs Satchel

(Vandenberg Comm) The Establishment Store proudly announces the release of Brad Vs Satchel, the long-awaited and much anticipated compilation CD from two of Seattle's most loved and highly regarded bands - Brad and Satchel.

The release features six tracks of previously unreleased material from Brad's critically acclaimed 2002 release, Welcome To Discovery Park, as well as five tracks from a 1997 Satchel recording session. Culled from hours of previously unavailable material, this compilation is sure to delight the legion of fans that recognize the musical elegance of two of Seattle's finest bands.

Featuring the intensely soulful lyrics of Shawn Smith, Brad Vs Satchel is a testament to the longtime friendship and musical collaborations formed between Smith, drummer Regan Hagar and guitarist Stone Gossard. With Mike Berg on bass, Brad's distinct blend of rock, soul and funk continues to be vital and dynamic.

The popularity of the music created by these gentlemen has not waned, and the rare live performances by Brad have become legendary in Seattle. "Brad Vs Satchel grew out of our love for our fans," says Hagar. "We just wanted to get more music out to them."

Brad Vs Satchel is released by the Establishment Store (www.establishmentstore.com). The CD is also available at independent music retailers nationwide, through Red Eye Distribution, beginning Tuesday, July 26.

The early nineties were fertile years for the Seattle music community, with local bands gaining success and popularity on an international basis. The wealth of talent within the community spawned collaborations that remain today as some of the Emerald City's most creative and energetic exports.

Drummer Regan Hagar and Guitarist Stone Gossard sowed the seeds of their alliance in the mid-eighties, playing together in seminal Seattle rock bands Malfunkshun (featuring the legendary Andrew Wood) and Green River (in which the core of Mudhoney was formed). Hagar and Gossard teamed up briefly to form Lords of The Wasteland, which Gossard then evolved into Mother Love Bone.

The success of Mother Love Bone was abruptly halted by the untimely and devastating loss of vocalist Andrew Wood. Band members Gossard and Jeff Ament later re-grouped with guitarist Mike McCready and vocalist Eddie Vedder to form a band that would later be known as Pearl Jam.

In the meantime, Hagar had joined forces with vocalist Shawn Smith to form a musical partnership that would span well over the next decade. Under the moniker Brad, and with Gossard on guitar, the band released its first CD, Shame, in 1993. While Pearl Jam kept Gossard busy over the next few years, Hagar and Smith formed Satchel, which recorded and toured extensively. Bassist Mike Berg joined the band for their final 1996 release,
The Family.

Berg, Hagar, and Smith continued to play together after Satchel's demise and, as Hagar explains, "it wasn't long before Stone started coming down and jamming with us in our practice space." Before long, the four of them were back in the studio together, recording Brad's 1997 release, Interiors.

The band released the highly acclaimed Welcome To Discovery Park in 2002. Although all four members continue to keep busy with various projects, Brad, like any longtime friendship, continues to bubble under the surface.

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