Live 8 For Canada?

(antiMusic) It appears that another city may play host to a Live 8 concert. As we reported earlier this week, more cities were expected to be added to the event, now Fashion Monitor Toronto reports that Ottawa will play host to the Canadian arm of the global concert event.

Fashion Monitor reports the event will the concert will most likely take place at Parliament Hill and some of the artists that may appear include Bryan Adams, The Barenaked Ladies, Jann Arden, and Our Lady Peace.

Before you start celebrating, there has been no official word out of the Bob Geldof/Live 8 camp about this additional concert as the time of this story and an article reporting this addition on one Canadian website (CTV.ca) has since mysteriously disappeared.

Also as a follow up to our previous report (see below), although there were numerous reports that Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones were "confirmed" to appear, Pink Floyd's manager reportedly told brain-damage.co.uk that the band was NOT confirmed.

"We spoke to Pink Floyd's manager this evening to clarify matters. It was confirmed categorically to us, that the band are NOT taking part in the show, and there are currently no discussions to place the matter under consideration," reports the leading Pink Floyd and Roger Waters news site. "The four that could possibly confirm their appearance - Pink Floyd Management, Mark Fenwick (Roger Waters' manager), LD Communications (who are handling the show), and Bob Geldof - have made NO announcements regarding the Floyd involvement."

(corrected report from 6/1) Bob Geldof has put the rumors to rest and announced Live 8, an ambitious 16-hour concert marathon that will span the globe and feature a who's who of popular music including Paul McCartney, U2, Linkin Park, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, 50 Cent, Coldplay, Robbie Williams, REM, Oasis, Sting, Will Smith, Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews Band, Stevie Wonder, the Cure, P. Diddy, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Lauren Hill, Duran Duran, Razorlight and Brian Wilson.

Geldof insists that this isn't Live Aid 2, which was organized to raise money to battle famine in Africa. Live 8 is instead viewed as the dramatic climax to the "Make Poverty History" campaign. A campaign designed to rally public support to encourage the leaders of the world's eight wealthiest nations that will meet for the G8 summit in Scotland on July 6th, to tackle the problem of Third World debt and poverty by doubling aid, reforming trade laws and forgiving all debt.

"This is not Live Aid 2. These concerts are the start point for the long walk to justice, the one way we can all make our voices heard in unison," Geldof said on Sunday.

"This is without doubt a moment in history where ordinary people can grasp the chance to achieve something truly monumental and demand from the eight world leaders at G8 an end to poverty.

"The G8 leaders have it within their power to alter history. They will only have the will to do so if tens of thousands of people show them that enough is enough.

"By doubling aid, fully canceling debt, and delivering trade justice for Africa, the G8 could change the future for millions of men, women and children."

Apart from the Live 8 events, Geldof hopes to amass a million people to mount a protest in Edinburgh at the start of the G8 summit.

At press time mega concerts are scheduled to take place in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome and Philadelphia, however there are indications that additional concerts in other G8 nations (Japan, Canada and Russia) may also be added.

The main event will take place on July 2nd at London's Hyde Park. More than 150,000 are expected to attend as U2 opens the show followed by Coldplay, the Cure, Robbie Williams, REM, Paul McCartney, Madonna, Oasis, Sting, Annie Lennox, Joss Stone, Razorlight and possibly a reunion from The Spice Girls.

On the U.S. side of the event, a concert in Philadelphia will feature Bon Jovi, Will Smith, P.Diddy, Dave Matthews Band, 50 Cent, Sarah McLachlan, Jay-Z and Stevie Wonder.

Crosby, Stills and Nash, Lauren Hill, A-ha and Brian Wilson will lead the show in Berlin with Jamiroquai, Youssou N'Dour and Placebo performing in Paris and the reunited Duran Duran, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw taking the stage in Rome.

Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones, Usher, Snoop Dogg and Destiny's Child have all reportedly agreed to perform (according to various news reports but nothing has been confirmed and Pink Floyd's management reportedly denied that they will take part in the event). It was not known at press time which cities will host their performances if they do take place.

Geldof said that many more names are expected to be added to the lineup. Tickets will be distributed via a lottery system in each county. So far details for the London lottery have been announced and that will begin on June 6. (see official site for details )

Current Lineup:

London: Mariah Carey, Coldplay, Dido, Keane, Elton John, Annie Lennox, Paul McCartney, Muse, Razorlight, REM, Scissor Sisters, Snow Patrol, Stereophonics, Sting , Joss Stone, Robbie Williams, U2, Velvet Revolver, Bob Geldof, the Killers, Madonna, The Cure

Berlin: A-ha, Bap, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Die Toten Hosen, Peter Maffay, Brian Wilson PHILADELPHIA: Will Smith, Bon Jovi, Maroon 5, Dave Matthews Band, Sarah McLachlan, Rob Thomas, Keith Urban, Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder, 50 Cent, Kaiser Chiefs, P. Diddy

Philidelphia: Will Smith, Bon Jovi, Maroon 5, Dave Matthews Band, Sarah McLachlan, Rob Thomas, Keith Urban, Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder, 50 Cent, Kaiser Chiefs, P. Diddy

Paris: Andrea Bocelli, Craig David, Calo Gero, Jamiroqaui, Kyo, Yannick Noah, Youssou N'Dour, Placebo, Axelle Red, Johnny Halliday, Manu Chao, Renaud

Rome: Irene Grandi, Faith Hill, Jovanotti, Tim McGraw, Nek, Laura Pausini, Duran Duran, Vasco Rossi, Zucchero

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