Ike Reilly EP

(press release) On the heels of the critically-acclaimed album, "Sparkle In The Finish," Chicago band The Ike Reilly Assassination is set to release a digital-only EP on July 19th. Entitled "Sparkle in the Finish: The B Sides," the EP will be available everywhere digital tracks are sold in the U.S., including outlets like Napster, iTunes, MusicMatch, Real, etc. It includes four tracks:

1) B.I.G.O.T.
2) Trainbomber
3) She's So Free
4) Maybe On The Way Out

The EP should serve to whet fans' whistles for the forthcoming Ike Reilly Assassination full-length album, which is set for September release on Rock Ridge Music with national distribution via ADA. The album, entitled "Junkie Faithful," features twelve outstanding tracks with Mr. Reilly and Company at their best: quirky, lyrically deep, rootsy yet punky, sharp, and witty. A bit of a departure for the band sonically, the album exudes melancholy at times and is clearly the IRA's most unique, engaging, and compelling album to date. With most of the songs written during the band's extensive touring schedule for "Sparkle," the album was recorded at Diamond City Studios in Libertyville, IL, and produced by Reilly, Phil Karnatz, and Ed Tinley. The album reflects the amount of touring the band did together in its cohesiveness and solidity and shines because of it. The IRA, which is led by Ike Reilly, is rounded out by Reilly's long-time bandmates Dave Cottini, drums; Tommy O'Donnell, bass; Phil Karnatz, guitar; and Ed Tinley on piano and guitar.

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