Duane Peters Update

(TPG Publicity) DUANE PETERS [US BOMBS, DIE HUNNS] is a skateboarder and punk rocker with serious cred. The DUANE PETERS GUNFIGHT is Duane's most recent band project. With members of The Ultravires, Spent Idols, The Sleepers, The Masons and Black Lab -- this is a 6 piece"punkrocknroll" band with an impressive punk rock pedigree. Gut wrenching, guitar slinging, hip-shaking, saloon stomping tunes, that'll make your ears bleed. [You can catch them on the road this summer on tour with the Circle Jerks!]

The Duane Peters-steered U.S. BOMBS are a boulder of truth and authenticity in a sea of slick poseur sewage. Extolling the virtues of classic punk, where razor sharp riffs cut ardent rants into little sticks of musical dynamite - the U.S. BOMBS are real punk rock! Duane has also been at the helm of the infamous HUNNS since 2000. With the addition of ex-Nashville Pussy bassist, COREY PARKS, DIE HUNNS has evolved into a threatening, swaggering, kick-face menace -- combining raw, American rock'n'roll with punk rock ethics. New DIE HUNNS and new U.S. BOMBS CDs scheduled for release later this year.

A skateboarding legend and the first man to ever complete a loop in a full pipe, Duane Peters is generally acknowledged as the guy who consummated the union of punk rock and skateboarding, turning it into the full-blown, tough-guy, hardcore punk scene it is today. A movie about Duane's life, "Who Cares - The Duane Peters Story" is available now through Black Label! [http://blacklabelskates.com]

Duane Peters also finds time to run his own label, DISASTER RECORDS, develop a shoe and clothing line, produce other punk bands and keep up on history, conspiracies and current events.

Circle Jerks W/ Duane Peters Gunfight Tour Dates

07/20- San Diego, CA- House of Blues
07/21- Pomona, CA- The Glasshouse
07/22- Long Beach, CA- The Vault
07/24- Las Vegas, NV- House of Blues
07/26- Santa Cruz, CA- The Catalyst
07/27- Petaluma, CA- Phoenix Theatre
07/28- Sparks, NV- New Oasis
Friday, July 29th- Sacramento, CA- The Boardwalk

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