Sounds of the Underground's Big Kicks Off

(Adrenaline PR) Nowhere is the clout of the local and national metal scene more evident than in this weekend's Sounds of the Underground tour.

Bursting forth is an ear-splitting wave of harder, brasher bands that have metal fans worldwide thrusting their devil horns in the air !!! (Boston Herald)

The Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Mass. and on June 26 Philadelphia's PA's Festival Pier hosted more than 8,000 Metal and Hardcore fanatics for the first two dates of the Sounds Of The Underground Tour!!! The shows went without a hitch, the lineup so anticipated that fans stood for twelve hours through 97 degree heat to see the heaviest and hardest bands on the planet.

The tour feels "Damn Good, hella rad and totally sweet. The set is totally sweet, rad and Damn Good. Generally we feel that things are a phenomenal anomaly and glad to be here. The music and the scene are awesome... no seriously I mean AWSOME!!!" Enthuses Vocalist Randy Blythe when asked about the Sounds OF the Underground Tour launch this past weekend!

History was made as The First Annual Sounds Of The Underground Tour kicked off in the north east. Beyond the twenty metal and hardcore ragers who thrashed the stage for over eleven hours each day. The intensity was heightened by thousands of fans who banged their heads, threw their horns, made circle pits and moshed, and rung out their Gwar 'Blood' drenched t-shirts. The north-east has never experienced such a sonic aggressive assault until The Sounds Of The Underground Tour took the stage.

The most dedicated of die hard fans were present at The Sounds Of The Underground Tour; on June 26th Philly's show held at Festival Pier played host to a plethora of celebrity support for the event. Bam Margera (Viva La Bam, Jack Ass CKY2K) and Crew were hanging back stage. CKY darted to the stage to catch Clutch in action, and Jersey metal masters God Forbid came out to spend some time with their brothers from the many bands on the bill.

The masses in attendance had a chance not only to experience the pure live power of the premier line up, but meet them as well. Meet and greets are held throughout the day in each bands merch tent, as well as at Music Choice Tent and Jagermeister Tent; fans are given the opportunity to go and introduce themselves to their favorite artists as well as get autographs and buy some great merchandise. Every city has its own meet and greet schedule check out this link to find out when you can meet up with your favorite bands in your city:

. Joining the tour on June 30th is Relapse Recording artists "HIGH ON FIRE!!! Vocalist Matt Pike is gearing up for the tour, " HOF is amped to be a part of the Sounds of the Underground tour, delivering LOUD and LOUDER songs from our album "Blessed Black Wings". We're aiming to play so loud and aggressive that the sun falls from the sky. Don't miss it." -

Ray Mazzola, vocalist FULL BLOWN CHAOS explains what the tour means to the band and the scene, "For us in FULL BLOWN CHAOS, to be the very first band on the very first day ever of the SOUNDS OF THE UNDERGROUND tour was an absolute honor. To be the band to set the bar and be the catalyst for this explosive event was truly a dream come true. Here and only here, on SOTU were we able to have a massive "WALL of DEATH" 4 songs into our set at 12:15 pm. SOUNDS OF THE UNDERGROUND means a lot of things to a lot of people. For those of us in the bands who are involved with this tour, SOTU is a true testament of the strength, perseverance and ascension of hardcore, metal and all genres of heavy music. Saturday, June 25th at 12 o'clock noon in Lowell Mass., HISTORY WAS MADE. "

The Sounds Of The Underground Is Headed Your Way!!!

Lamb of God, Clutch, Opeth, Poison The Well, From Autumn to Ashes, Unearth, Chimaira, GWAR, Norma Jean, Every Time I Die, Strapping Young Lad, Throwdown, All That Remains, Devil Driver, A Life Once Lost:

6/30 - Winston-Salem, NC - Dixie Classic Fairgrounds w/ The Red Chord, Madball
7/01 - Portsmouth, VA - Harbor Center Pavilion w/ The Red Chord, Madball
7/02 - Sayreville, NJ - Starland Ballroom Parking Lot w/ The Red Chord, Madball
7/03 - Montreal, QC - Stade Uniprix w/ The Red Chord, Madball
7/04 - Mississauga, ON - Arrow Hall w/ The Red Chord, Madball
7/05 - Cleveland, OH - The Scene Pavilion w/ Madball, Fear Before the March of Flames
7/07 - Minneapolis, MN - Target Center w/ Madball, Fear Before the March of Flames
7/08 - Chicago, IL - Tweeter Center Parking Lot w/ Madball, Fear Before the March of Flames
7/09 - Sauget, IL - Pop's Lot w/ Madball, Fear Before The March of Flames
7/10 - Tulsa, OK - Brady Village w/ Madball, Fear Before The March of Flames
7/12 - Atlanta, GA - Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheatre Lot w/ Madball, Fear Before The March of Flames
7/13 - Orlando, FL - Tinker Field w/ Madball, Fear Before The March of Flames
7/15 - Dallas, TX - Smirnoff Music Center Lot w/ Madball, Terror
7/16 - Corpus Christi, TX - Concrete Street Amphitheatre w/ Madball, Terror
7/19 - El Paso, TX - El Paso County Coliseum w/ Madball, Terror
7/20 - Mesa, AZ - Mesa Amphitheatre w/ Madball, Terror
7/22 - Los Angeles, CA - Los Angeles Sports Arena Lot w/ Madball, Terror
7/23 - Mountain View, CA - Shoreline Amphitheatre Lot w/ Madball, Terror
7/25 - Seattle, WA - Qwest Field Event Center w/ Madball, Terror
7/26 - Vancouver, BC - Pacific Coliseum w/ Madball, Terror
7/28 - Edmonton, AB - Rexall Place w/ Madball, Terror
7/29 - Saskatoon, SK - Saskatchewan Credit Union Centre w/ Madball, Terror
7/31 - Denver, CO - Universal Lending Pavilion w/ Terror, Fear Before The March Of Flames

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