John Entwistle Anthology Hits Stores 

(antiMUSIC) Fans of the Ox gas up the car and head out to the record store as the new double disc anthology for the late Who bassist John Entwistle is now in stores. 

The 2 Disc/40 song set "So Who�s the Bass Player? � The Ox � Anthology" is focused on Entwistle's solo career. According to a press release, "this 2 CD anthology cherry picks in chronological order the best work from John Entwistle�s solo career.  From his 1971 debut album , 'Smash Your Head Against the Wall'  through to his last studio album, 'Music From Van Pires' released in 2000, this retrospective underscores why John Entwistle was regarded as such an influential and innovative musician.  

"Born in ChIswick, London in 1944, John Alec Entwistle is probably the most influential bassist in rock music.  Before Entwistle came along as a member of The Who, bassists seldom stood out and few listeners cared what purpose the four-stringed instrument served. But after John Entwistle came along, everyone knew.  Entwistle�s bass work was some of the most complex and audible in rock music.  His fills and countermelodies spoke volumes allowing him to stand back whilst Pete Townsend, Keith Moon and Roger Daltrey put on that well known, exciting display, universally known as The Who."


Disc One:

1.My Size
2.What Are We Doing Here?
3.Heaven And Hell
4.Ted End
5.Cinnamon Girl
6.Ten Little Friends
7.Apron Strings
8.Thinkin� It Over
9.Who Cares?
10.I Wonder
11.I Was Just Being Friendly
12.Do The Dangle
13.Made In Japan
14.My Wife
15.Roller Skate Kate
16.Peg Leg Leggy
17.I Fall To Pieces
18.Lady Killer
19.Mad Dog
20.Whiskey Man (Live, King Biscuit Flower Hour)
21.Boris The Spider (Live, King Biscuit Flower Hour)
22.Cell Number Seven (Live, King Biscuit Flower Hour)

Disc Two:

1.Give Me That Rock And Roll (Live, King Biscuit Flower Hour)
2.My Wife (Live, King Biscuit Flower Hour)
3.I�m Flash
4.Space Pirates
5.Let�s Go To The Chop
6.Blast Off
7.Try Me
8.Talk Dirty
9.Too Late The Hero
10.Love Doesn�t Last
11.Life After Love
12.The Real Me (Live)
13.Success Story (Live)
14.905 (Live)
15.Had Enough (Live)
17.Good & Evil
18.When The Sun Comes Up

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