Acclaimed Drummer Derrick Plourde Commits Suicide 

(antiMUSIC) Derrick Plourde, one of the most respected musicians in the modern punk scene committed suicide on Wednesday (March 30).  

Over the past decade and half Plourde amassed an impressive resume. He first caught the attention of the pop-punk underground in the Goleta/ Santa Barbara scene in the early 90s in the band Lagwagon.  That recognition expanded outside of the Southern California scene in 1992 with the release of Lagwagon's debut "Duh" (the first release from Fat Wreck Chords) and the two follow-up albums "Trashed" and Hoss. Although he left Lagwagon after the release of "Hoss" Plourde later teamed up with guitarist/vocalist Joey Cape in Bad Astronauts. 

In 1997, Plourde contacted Kris Roe of the Ataris, who were looking for a rhythm section at the time. The two immediately hit it off and Plourde would stay with the band through the recording of their debut album.  

Plourde also did a stint with acclaimed Santa Barbara outfit The Mad Caddies, and appears on their 2001 album "Rock the Plank". 

antiMusic regular Ruben Gonzalez tells us that the news has hit the Santa Barbara music scene especially hard and tell us just how respected Plourde was in the scene. "He was one of the most regarded drummers in punk, often looked up to by punk drummers like rock drummers look to John Bonham," said Gonzalez of Plourde's influence. 

"I knew him but wouldn't have called him a friend; we grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same schools. This is one of my favorite sites and thought he deserved tribute by lettings his many fans know," he added.  

Ataris frontman Kris Roe delivered the sad news to fans on the group's official website with the following posting on Wednesday: "Just found that our friend Derrick Plourde shot and killed himself today. He was our original drummer and was the current drummer of the band Bad Astronaut, along with our cello player Angus Cooke. and our friends Joey Cape and Marko Desantis. I first met Derrick in 1997 after having had our demo passed along to several drummers, Derrick called me up. I immediately knew that the guy was a complete character, He definitely had a sense of humor like no one else I had ever met before, I mean seriously the guy could get away with the craziest s***, I remember the first time we played the non-for profit D.I.Y. very P.C. "Gilman ST." in Berkeley. In late 1997 after recording our first L.P. Derrick came to Indiana for a few months to live and rehearse with Jasin and I where we all slept on the floor of a 12 x 12 apartment with no heat next to the drum set. Those were great times. Derrick, I am sure that Jasin would also want me to extend his best regards as well on his behalf so I shall do that. Three months later I moved to Santa Barbara with Derrick, it was through Derrick that I was introduced to Mark Desantis who would soon thereafter become our first bassist and one of my closest friends. Derrick taught me many colorful new words of a foreign language called "Goletian" not known to anyone outside the circle of Goleta, :) I would like to extend my love and respect to all of Derrick's many friends and family, Joanne, Joey, Jessica, Snodgrass, Derrick's Brother and Father, pretty much everyone in every band in Santa Barbara, just anyone who loved and cared about this guy as much as I did. This is one of those things in the back of your mind you kinda somewhat think could happen anytime then suddenly on the day you get that call it just doesn't really seem real. We definitely take some things... some friendships for granted while we are alive, and then suddenly they're gone. Derrick, I can assure you that tonight in Santa Barbara, Goleta and the rest of the world there are many glasses raised in your honor, Be well and we all love you always."

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