Britney's Bra Saga

(antiMusic) So you had your heart set on owning Britney's jeweled bra. You took out a second mortgage on the house, logged on to eBay, placed your $47,000 bid only to have your hopes dashed when the pop star withdrew the item from her charity auction.

Britney Spears made headlines last week when she announced she was launching an online auction to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims. The big news was the inclusion of the bra in the auction. When eBay discovered the item they removed it due to a ban on selling undergarments on the site, but later reinstated the auction after the removal made headlines.

Now Britney has pulled the plug on the bra saying that some people had the idea it was worm on stage as she performed her hit "Hit Me Baby One More Time". The bra was in fact worn during the filming of a TV promo video.

"I felt the correct thing to do was remove this item from the auction because I don't want any of you to feel misled," Spears said.

Which is too bad because that seemed to be the "big" ticket item in this auction, the next big seller was a pair of jeans that went for $4,001.

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