Krucifried Chicken

(PR) Krucifried Chicken? Yes…and Motor Driven Puppy Stabbers….
Uncle Winky's Hump Palace? Uh huh…that too.
Are they serious? Rarely.

Indorphine's new release "Glowsticks For Clubbing Baby Seals" has been named by many as "The best metal album of the year," a fact supported by their ever-climbing rank on sites like Amazon and iTunes. Glowsticks is currently the number one streamed album on Altsounds.FM, with more plays than numbers 2-4 combined! If you're not convinced after hearing the album, see them live and you'll become a believer. There's something for everyone (except losers) on Indorphine's new album. A band that can release a song like Spaghetti with a straight face is one of two things- completely retarded OR amazingly talented. Here's a live version of Spaghetti for you to stream [at the full story link]….you be the judge on which they are. To check out the studio full length, just head over to www.altsounds.fm
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