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(PR) On August 1st, Locomotive Records will unleash eclectic metal releases from both seasoned and new acts, as well as showcasing legends with a cause to fight for.

When the tsunami hit Asia in 2004, a group of artists made it their duty to be on the front line for the relief effort. Only a month after the disaster, Rock for Asia was held in Ingolstadt, Germany featuring acts such as Doro Pesch, Bonfire, David Knopfler, Saxon, and Edguy. The DVD captures the spirit of hard rock Good Samaritan-ism, and well as treating the viewer to performances by an array of incredible artists.

German heavy metal veterans SuidAkrA are ready to exhume control of the European metal scene. They have made this blatantly clear with the title of their new album, Command to Charge. Holding on to their traditional sound without compromising their growth as a band, SuidAkrA innovates their sound to appeal to a larger audience without excluding their original fans. The incorporation of Highland Bagpipes gives the music a more worldly sound without disrupting the balance of heavy metal aggression and traditional folk.

In 2002, Masterplan drummer Uli Kusch met Belgian singer Magali Luyten. Two years later, they decided this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. With the additions of guitarist Jorn Viggo Lofstad, bassist Stelnar Kromko, and keyboardist Axel Mackenrott, Beautiful Sin was born. Their debut album, The Unexpected, blends epic, forceful musicianship with symphonic yet powerful vocals, delivering an experience that is nothing short of dynamic.

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