Mailbag: Let Them Hear Pop

(antiMusic) We got lots of emails here about our coverage. From time to time, some just call out for a public response and that's where the Mailbag comes in. Here is an email about an article we ran a couple days about Bo Bice fans launching a petition in hopes of getting Clive Davis to let him rock on his next CD.

Katherine writes: Your Bo Bice article was stupid! Clive Davis isn't going to listen to a bunch of stupid whiners. Rolling Stone's story was much more realistic especially when they said "Did someone really think Clive was going to let him write his own record?" I agree that's not how the music business works!

Response: Katherine, Katherine, Katherine. That RS quote is perfect! While they probably intended it as an ass-kissing to Clive Davis (after all, they want to keep covering his lame roster) and his supposed "genius" in producing throwaway pop stars, it really says it all. Clive would never in a million years give the fans what they want. He'd rather give them his vision of what they should hear instead of the music that they would actually buy. What RS and Clive obviously missed was why Bo Bice was actually popular on American Idol in the first place; he was different from all of the "pop" singers on that show. His fans voted for him because they liked his "rock" style and they voted again once they heard Clive's "pop" make-over by not buying his CD. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that his fans loved it when he rocked and expected that from his album. What they got instead was another Clive Davis glossed over pop CD that is the musical equivalent to fastfood. Bo's CD would probably have sold far better if Clive would have allowed him to be himself. Fake and flashy may sell here today, gone later today pop CDs in the millions but it will kill a rock career faster than you can say Kelly Osbourne. Davis may be a mastermind when it comes to disposable pop but he has shown time after time that he hasn't got a clue when it comes to rock. If he was smart he'd give Bo and his fans what they want, a Bo Bice CD not a bunch of Nickelback-Lite prefab, TRL friendly, focus-grouped tunes that no one will remember in a year. Millions voted for Bice for a reason, the same millions didn't buy his album for the very same reason. If they had wanted a pop singer posing as a rocker then they would have voted that Constantine guy into the finals. Though they were on the same show, Bo Bice fans are not necessarily Clay Aiken fans. Too bad the 'geniuses" don't get that simple fact. Wanna know why album sales keep dropping? Look at the RS quote again, it really says it all; the labels are not giving the fans what they want and killing promising careers in the process. That Katherine is what is truly stupid.

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