Quickies: Rob Zombie- Blind Guardian- Meshuggah- Lamb of God

(Day in Rock) Rob Zombie's remake of the horror classic "Halloween" is set to his theaters via Dimension Films on October 19th * A couple of members of Blind Guardian will be on hand as hosts of a preview/ listening party at Lit Lounge in New York City on 8/21. Get a taste of their new CD 'A Twist In The Myth' a few weeks before it hits stores on 9/5! * Meshuggah's "Nothing" will be getting the remix/remaster treatment this fall. The new and improved CD/DVD is set to hit North American stores on Halloween courtesy of Noclue Blast Records. * Up for a little online hunt? Lamb of God have Posted a brand new yet hidden song at sacrament2006.com . No word if it's a bonus track or from the forthcoming Sacrament (out Aug 22nd) but a free LOG song is a free LOG song. Click the full story link and good hunting! - Click here for the Full Story

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