Dan Leaves Spitalfield

(DiR) Below is an official statement from Spitalfield regarding their line-up change.

Why we have dropped off the remaining Warped Tour dates is something we haven't announced yet, as we were waiting for the right time. The reason we had to miss the last ten dates of Warped Tour is because we unexpectedly received word from our guitar player that he would no longer be touring with the band come this fall. Our new record, "Better Than Knowing Where You Are", is slated for an October 3rd release- and we were forced to face the choice of losing Dan Lowder right when the record comes out (and dealing with it then) - or canceling a string of shows to get home and begin rehearsing with a fill-in guitar player to be full strength when the record comes out. Dan Lowder has been with the band since 2000, and him leaving the group isn't something we can deal with lightly. He is leaving for personal reasons, and we support him and what he feels he needs to do for him and his family.

Spitalfield has been trying to get on Warped Tour for four years, and this was the first year we've had the pleasure of being a part of it. As a band that is on the road eight to nine months out of the year-- it's really disappointing to not be able to finish the dates on such a high profile tour. But we've made the decision based on what we feel is best for the band's future. And being full strength the next time we take the stage is what is most important to us.

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