Creative Bankruptcy

(antiMusic) Today we welcome a brand new columnist to antiMusic, Felicity Estrin. She kicks things off with this look at the major label creative machine, or rather the creative bankruptcy behind The Machine. Here is a sample from the full column:

In recent months it has occurred to me that it's an interesting irony that the very mechanism the BMG/RCA execs have set up to make themselves even richer has wound up painfully exposing their own creative bankruptcy. The raison d'etre of American Idol has been to sell records, and in as mass a quantity as possible, and they've certainly succeeded at that. But somewhere along the way, as the show has become a mega-phenomenon, something has gone a bit awry for The Machine.

American Idol has attracted millions of viewers internationally. Young idealistic singers go on with (often) tons of talent, singing material that is actually worth listening to, get tons of exposure and, in the process, everyone's hopes up. Then they're released to the so-called creative team of the BMG group and the recycled pseudo-music that ensues disappoints so many nearly every time. Literally millions of people, who have become invested in the success of their favorites, are left scratching their heads and asking, "What the Hell happened there?" [She's just getting started, whether you like American Idol or not, this affects almost all genres of music, so click the full story link to read the entire article]
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