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(PR) Ben Harper will release an exclusive iTunes Original package on August 15th which will include interview clips, album cuts, and tracks from an iTunes Live Session .The track listing includes five live "iTunes Originals" including "Waiting for You" and "Morning Yearning." Album cuts such as "Walk Away," "Steal My Kisses," and Harper's cover of "Sexual Healing" will remind people why they love Ben Harper and fans will also get personal with the artist as he talks about life and music in thirteen interview clips. The 25-track package may be purchased beginning August 15th for $11.99 on the iTunes Music Store, or fans can download each individual track for $0.99 each.

Ben Harper iTunes Originals - Available August 15, 2006
1. iTunes Originals (Interview Clip)
2. Freedom & Being True to a Song (Interview Clip)
3. Walk Away
4. How Important Playing Live Is (Interview Clip)
5. By My Side
6. Owning Your Own Success (Interview Clip)
7. Widow of a Living Man
8. This Is What a Hit Looks Like on this Cat (Interview Clip)
9. Steal My Kisses
10. Blending Political & Spiritual (Interview Clip)
11. Please Bleed (Live iTunes Originals Version)
12. Cover Songs That Speak to me on Sound Level (Interview Clip)
13. Sexual Healing
14. >From Woody Guthrie to Curious George (Interview Clip)
15. With My Own Two Hands
16. The Blind Boys Collaboration (Interview Clip)
17. There Will Be a Light
18. If The Blind Boys Say It's Gospel, That's The Word (Interview Clip)
19. Well Well Well / 11th Commandment (Live iTunes Originals Version)
20. A Song to Silence the Moment (Interview Clip)
21. Please Don't Talk About Murder While I'm Eating (Live iTunes Originals Version)
22. What it Means to Start a New Day (Interview Clip)
23. Morning Yearning (Live iTunes Originals Version)
24. That's a Great Song (Interview Clip)
25. Waiting for You (Live iTunes Originals Version)

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