Outta The Snakepit

(PR) Rod Jackson(former vocalist for Slash's Snakepit) and Stefan "Big Swede" Svensson (currently working with Reeves Gabrels- engineer, drummer, programmer, producer) new band 3 Of A Different Kind have released a new album. 3 Of A Different Kind is a band that takes several styles, blending them together to make it their own. The band mixes rock, blues and soul with a flair of country sounds - You will experience the ups and downs of Los Angeles city life, through the album "There's A Rhythm To These Streets". The sounds of "3 Of A Different Kind" is fresh with a varied range of emotion, sometimes serious, sometimes silly. The album was written and recorded in it's entirety, at "Big Swede Studios"(www.bigswedestudios.com), located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. This influenced the band heavily throughout the project.

Band members:
David "Razz" Rasmussen - Guitars,Bass, Backup-vocals
Stefan "Big Swede" Svensson - Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Loops
Rod Jackson - Lead Vocals, Backup-Vocals
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