Acid Drinkers DVD

(PR) MVD and Metal Mind are pleased to announce the home viewing release of ACID DRINKERS - The Hand That Rocks The Coffin for U.S. distribution on DVD August 8th.

Acid Drinkers is the most accomplished and intense thrash metal band in Poland having played over 500 concerts, including still well remembered gigs at Jarocin festival, Metalmania, Wgorzewo, Przystanek Woodstock or Odjazdy. They have won the Fryderyk Award (the Polish equivalent of a Grammy Award) in 1998, 2000 and 2004 for "Best Hard & Heavy Act". This DVD features an extremely energetic show recorded at Metalmania 2006. Acid Drinkers are a unique mixture of thrash/heavy metal and hard rock, all spiced with lead singer Titus' rock'n'rollish sense of humor.

"The best of" set list, plus a superb version of "Ring of Fire," showcases the Acid Drinker's immense talent. DVD Bonuses include "Chasing the Acids" documentary, made by Fabryczna ART group, and the "Hate Unlimited" video. The DVD is a classic collector's item with an animated menu, interviews, a history of the band, a discography, photo gallery, and more.

DVD Track List
1. Anybody Home
2. Backyard Bandit
3. Life Hurts More Than Death
4. Human Bazooka
5. Slow & Stoned
6. High Proof Cosmic Milk
7. Drug Dealer
8. Dancing in the Slaughterhouse
9. Poplin Twist
10. The Joker
11. I F**k the Violence
12. Ring of Fire

Bonus video

"Chasing the Acids" documentary, filmed by Fabryczna Art
"Hate Unlimited" videoclip

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