New York Dolls Special Edition

(PR) The New York Dolls are officially back! On July 25th, the seminal rockers will release One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This, their first studio album in over 30 years. The first pressing of the eagerly anticipated album will include a special 45 minute "making-of" DVD as well as the bonus track "17." The DVD, shot and compiled by Walker Lamond will contain witty and insightful candid studio moments with founding members David Johansen, Sylvain Sylvain and the rest of the 'Dolls, as well as footage of guest artists and legendary producer Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Aerosmith).

One Day´┐Żmarks the triumphant return for the band since 1974's Too Much Too Soon. It features 13 new tracks including the first single and video "Dance Like a Monkey" and guest appearances by Michael Stipe, ("Dancing on the Lip of A Volcano"), Iggy Pop ("Gimme Luv and Turn On the Light"), Tom Gabel of Against Me! ("Punishing World"), and the Dolls' own hero, Bo Diddley, on ("17").

One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This features the tracks...
"We're All in Love"
"Runnin' Around"
"Plenty of Music"
"Dance Like a Monkey"
"Punishing World"
"Maimed Happiness"
"Fishnets and Cigarettes"
"Gotta Get Away from Tommy"
"Dancing on the Lip of a Volcano"
"I Ain't Got Nothing"
"Rainbow Store"
"Gimme Luv and Turn on the Light"
"Take a Good Look at my Good Looks"

The New York Dolls, who formed in 1971, only to burn brightly then break up in 1975, have been accused of inspiring everything from punk rock to hair - metal. "A lot of the mess people are listening to gets blamed on the Dolls, but we've always been just a stupid R&B based rock & roll band," says their self-professed idiot savant leader David Johansen.

In 2004, former New York Dolls fan club president and legendary rocker, Morrissey made the request that reunited his boyhood idols for the Meltdown Festival. He was curating the event at the Royal Festival Hall in London. The one-off date then turned into a full-fledged tour, "We were having so much fun, we decided to continue past the summer, and naturally, started writing some new songs," says the band. The New York Dolls consists of Johansen, Sylvain, guitarist Steve Conte, bass player Sami Yaffa, keyboard player Brian 'the Professor' Koonin, and drummer Brian 'Delancey' Delaney.

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