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(PR) Veteran Italian thrash metal stalwart Merendine Atomiche is prepared to present their most visceral and accomplished work to date: RAW. On August 21st, 2006, Mausoleum Records will unleash RAW on the world. This testament to the eleven year career of Merendine Atomiche is both a step forward in the evolution of the band, as well as an excellent point of introduction for those not yet acquainted with their music.

RAW is Merendine Atomiche�s second full length album. Their 2003 release Walk across fire, along with their demo, mini cd, and tribute to Metallica, established the band�s powerful sound, mixing a classic thrash metal style with elements of hardcore and pure heavy metal. RAW brings that style to the next level. �Despite good reviews and a positive response to our last record, we were not satisfied,� says drummer Luca Cerardi. �We wanted to do something even better. After two years of hard work, the result is RAW.� Lead guitarist David Bisson adds, �For me this album represents the new sound of Merendine Atomiche. A new beginning.�

RAW was produced by prominent metal guitarist Jack Frost, who has performed with Savatage, Seven Witches and many other bands. Frost is a very capable producer and helped Merendine Atomiche realize their full potential as a band.

The songs on RAW hold deep personal meanings for the members of Merendine Atomiche. �RAW is a great album to me because I lived each song,� says vocalist Luca Zandarin. Indeed, the band worked their fingers to the bone for two years in the studio to make sure that RAW would be the best album possible. �Our target is to let people feel what we felt when we were making these songs: thrash them, give them energy and let them enjoy the music as much as possible while sending a positive message,� says rhythm guitarist Luca Securo.

Perhaps bassist Dario Bianchi explains the point of the album best: �For me, RAW is not an album but a tale. A story about Merendine Atomiche as friends and as a band. Our experiences, our dreams and a musical trip into the life of five guys who are living a great experience through music can be heard with this album.�

A Track Listing For RAW Comprises:
1. In The Cage
2. Roads and Beers
3. Raw
4. Peace Means War?
5. I Want To Be A Man
6. Ocean�s Shadows
7. Zero Degrees
8. Breathe The Big Apple
9. We Didn�t Know
10. Shake For Me
11. 0, 41

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