Ice T's Body Count Set Release

(PR) Rapper/actor/rock'n'roller Ice-T is at it again on Murder 4 Hire (Escapi Records) by Body Count, to be released August 1, 2006. Lead guitarist Ernie C, bassist Vincent Price, drummer OT and rhythm guitarist Bendrix hit the metal hard on 12 tracks of what is sure to be controversial, argued over and demonized right from the jump.

"---- the cops" shouts the actor in the opening track "Invincible Gangsta," who, ironically plays one on NBC-TV's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The track harkens back to "Cop Killer," the 1992 Body Count cut that polarized a presidential election and had to be forced off the album by the corporate powers-that-be. (Ice-T subsequently appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone in full policeman uniform.)

Musically, the bombast of the Murder 4 Hire metal, with all its sweeping rock grandeur, is oftentimes offset by a total all-out thrash breakdown.

Lyrically, the songs range from political ("The End Game"), personal ("You Don't Know Me [Pain]"), and religious ("The Passion Of The Christ"), to obsession ("In My Head"), armegeddon ("Dirty Bomb"), hate ("Lies") and "Relationships." Obviously, Body Count, circa 2006, ain't backing down from anybody or anything. A eulogy for fallen band member D-Roc is also included ("D Rocs [RIP]") as is a hilarious take on deep south rednecks ("Down In The Bayou"). The title track is an instant hit man anthem. The CD closes with "Mr. C's Theme," a show-stopping hard rock instrumental.

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