Eminem Western

(antiMusic) Hollywood has remake fever (or a lack of imagination and originality) and after the critical success of "Brokeback Mountain" they are looking at old Westerns to give the remake treatment to. So Paramount Pictures execs have decided to dust off the old 50s era TV Western "Have Gun will Travel" and somewhere in the process they lost the western part by updating it to modern times.

Now the most important part when making a remake is casting. For this the execs said forget Pitt, who wants Cruise, Russell doesn't bring 'em in like he used to. Wait a minute´┐Ż. 'Em? That's it! Let's get Eminem! The rapper is set to gunfighter for hire Paladin transformed into a bounty hunter, according to reports.

Chart attack reports that it will be "produced by Interscope/Shady/Aftermath Films and Interscope boss Jimmy Iovine and Eminem's manager, Paul Rosenberg, will get producer credits."

No word about when this epic will start production but Variety says that the powers that be are looking to fast track it. But it will likely come out after Vanilla Ice's new Western 'Boneheadza.' [For the dense, that last part was a bad joke. Vanilla Ice fans: no hate mail please we already get enough laughter knowing that you exist in the year 2006.]

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