Zakk Wylde Scam Suit

(antiMusic) Zakk Wylde has filed a lawsuit against 357 Customs, a company that was selling Zakk Wylde branded products that apparently wasn't filling fan's orders or promising more than they delivered (see below). The following post was made to the official BLS site about the situation: "Berserkers - I know you have been awaiting my response to 357 Customs' unscrupulous conduct in connection with their promotion. I have filed a lawsuit against 357 Customs."

The following is some information from wikipedia about the 357 situation: There is currently a dispute involving several 357 Customs promotions and Zakk Wylde Gibson (Epiphone) guitars. Although the promotion was not run, or personally endorsed by Zakk Wylde, the company 357 Customs does have a business relationship with him. This promotion is a purported scam regarding a promotion run by 357customs.com in which they promised a "free" Zakk Wylde branded Epiphone guitar upon the purchase of several Zakk Wylde branded goods included in a variety of bundles. Said goods included $100 gift certificates, diecast miniatures, and mp4 audio/video players, as well as miscellaneous Zakk Wylde styled paraphernalia. The cost of bundles was significant, often in the range of a few hundred dollars and many customers willingly made several purchases in order to receive several Zakk Wylde branded guitars. [see full story more it does go a lot deeper according to this article]
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