Babyshambles B-Sides

(PR) On August 1st, Rough Trade introduces America to the other side of Babyshambles, the band led by reigning l�enfant terrible, Peter Doherty. Not one of the band�s smash singles was released in America, so we�re bringing a brand new bunch of never-heard b-sides to our virtual shores. For US fans who haven�t witnessed the shambolic beauty of Babyshambles� live gigs, the b-sides offer a fresh glimpse of the talent behind the tabloid ink.

The nine b-sides will be available on iTunes as part of a deluxe version of �Down in Albion� for no additional cost and will also be available for sale individually. From �The Man Who Came To Stay� to the imploring �Do You Know Me,� the b-sides reflect the gentle romanticism that is the core of Doherty�s muse. As he reminds us, �true hearts and minds and melodies are said to cure all maladies, so sing along.� Here�s to that.


1.The Man Who Came To Stay
2.East Of Eden
3.Albion (single version)
5.Blackboy Lane
6.Monkey Casino
7.Do You Know Me
9.Why Did You Break My Heart/Piracy

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