Electra Zombie Glide

(PR) Tune in to TCM Friday 11 PM PT/ Sat 2 AM ET to watch Rob Zombie host TCM Underground presentation of Electra Glide in Blue. Can't wait til then, click the full story link for a bit of a preview. Here is some basic info on the flick:

Not all lost movies are literally lost...some languish in studio vaults, victims less of time and tide than corporate neglect. Over the last thirty years, there has been precious little ink spilled over Electra Glide in Blue (1973), the only feature film directed by James William Guercio, and its quiet return to the world on DVD is cause for reevaluation. Starring a post-In Cold Blood (1967), pre-Baretta Robert Blake, Electra Glide in Blue is equal parts modern western, biker flick, policier and existential journey-to-self, complete with the then-requisite downer ending that, however it may echo Easy Rider's (1969) sting in the tale, still packs a punch. - Click here for the Full Story

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