Back When Prep CD

(PR) The following is a statement from Back When regarding the writing process of their next album:

"We are currently knee-deep in the writing process for our next record and it is going splendidly. The songs are shaping up to have a much more structured and streamlined feel, with the noodling fat cut off. The overall feel we get from these songs is something bright, shining, yet completely dirty in its undertones. Hope you all like it as much as we do. Songs being considered now are "Choir of Gods", "Golden", "The Looming", "The Sloth" and "Polishing Brass" with "Hypocenter" pretty much abandoned. We only played that song once in Omaha so if you were there you witnessed its first and only public listening."

09/17 Omaha, NE - Back When w/ Minsk (Relapse Records)

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