Rob Zombie Live CD/DVD

(DiR) TuneLab is reporting that Rob Zombie will be releasing a live album on September 18th. The release will also include a DVD with live footage and other videos. Track listing is as follows:

1. "Sawdust in the Blood"
2. "American Witch"
3. "Demon Speeding"
4. "Living Dead Girl"
5. "More Human than Human"
6. "Dead Girl Superstar"
7. "House of 1000 Corpses"
8. "Let It All Bleed Out"
9. "Creature of the Wheel"
10. "Demoniod Phenomenon"
11. "Supercharger Heaven"
12. "Never Gonna Stop"
13. "Black Sunshine"
14. "Superbeast"
15. "The Devil's Rejects"
16. "Lords of Salem"
17. "Thunder Kiss"
18. "Dragula"
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