Is Classic Rock Radio Killing Classic Rock?

(antiMusic) Are the narrow play-lists on classic rock radio stations hurting classic rock bands? Deep Purple's Ian Gillan seems to think so. In a new interview with Michael Senft of The Arizona Republic, Gillan says that fans aren't offered the chance to hear classic rocker's new material because radio stations focus on one or two past hits.

"You have this thing called classic rock radio over here," Ian Gillan told Senft. "It's been a death sentence for all sorts of older bands. They don't play anything of ours other than Smoke on the Water and Highway Star."

This frustration even inspired the song "MTV" on their latest album, "Rapture of the Deep". "I heard (Purple bassist) Roger Glover doing a radio interview, trying desperately to talk about a record we did in 2003 called Bananas," Gillan said. "I was listening to it and my jaw just dropped, as this deejay ranted on about 1973. She wasn't the slightest bit interested in what he had to say, or anything that had happened in the last 30 years." - Read the interview/article here

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