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(PR) New Zealand trio Die! Die! Die! brings its good cheer to the states: constantly touring band to deliver Promises Promises hot on the heels of playing the Big Day Out Festival in Australia, US dates including SXSW planned for spring 2008.

Hailing from the remote area of Dunedin, New Zealand, Die! Die! Die! is the only band of its type to recently emerge from its native hometown. With that said, it's been ages since the members of Die! Die! Die! have returned. Having spent the better part of the past three years on the road, Die! Die! Die! wants to make your head, heart, and soul its home.

To that end, the group has announced the February 12th, 2008 release of its sophomore effort, Promises Promises on Los Angeles based SAF Records and a slew of live dates to support the album, including Australia's legendary Big Day Out Festival and South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, TX. - Download the album�s lead track �Sideways, Here We Come�

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