Radiohead Top APs Album of the Year List

(antiMusic) While we struggle here to come up with a album of the year special (more on that later), AP has put out their list and we have to say it is far more credible then some others we have seen. At least they didn't include Britney Spears like Rolling Stones did.

Now back on topic, Radiohead has landed on the top of a lot of best of lists and add AP to that growing list. Here is what they had to say about "In Rainbows": The much-ballyhooed online release of "In Rainbows" in some ways obscured what an excellent album it is.

The opener, "15 Step," begins with a cold electronic beat that sounds like recently typical Radiohead or Thom Yorke's 2006 solo album. But 41 seconds in, Johnny Greenwood enters with a beautiful, languorous guitar line. From then on, the band gradually lets the melody take over, particularly on songs like the midnight ballad "Nude" and the soulful show-stopper "Reckoner." With Radiohead, you're always on guard for the crash, the shattering of brightness but on "In Rainbows," they let the light linger. - Read AP full Top 10 list.

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