Britney & K-Fed Temp Custody

(DiR) Forget about global conflict or natural disasters, the burning question in some people's minds is who will have custody of Britney and K-Feds kids? Yes, there are those that care about such things, so we have TMZ's report on this matter for you. As always if you just have to know more, click the full story link.

TMZ has learned that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have mutually agreed to a custody arrangement during the month of January.

Under the terms of the stipulated agreement, just filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Britney and Kevin will have joint legal custody of their two children, one-year-old Sean Preston and four-month-old Jayden James. Britney will have the lion's share of physical custody. Kevin's physical custody is extremely limited. He will be allowed to be with the children from noon to 4:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Spears' residence. Under the agreement, Spears can be present, but no one may interfere with Federline's right to be with the children. - Click here for the Full Story

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