Britney Officially Available Again

(antiMusic) To the dozens of dirty old men out there that were eager for Britney Spears to be legally on the market again, so that your farfetched hopes of hooking up with the popstar can be fulfilled, we have great news for you: Britney is now officially divorced from wanna-be rapper, sometimes dancer, Kevin Federline.

"They are divorced," Britney's lawyer, Laura Wasser, told AP after a Superior Court hearing. "Everything is finalized."

The alimony terms of the divorce are not known and will not be made public unless an enforcement issue comes up but the attorney said of the agreement "most of that tracks the prenup".

Who will get custody of the K-Fed / Brit offspring? That isn't known yet either as the custody order has been sealed pending a hearing set for August 14th. Perhaps Madonna will adopt them?

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