Idol Advice for Britney

(Submitted News/Extra) [and for today's mandatory BS] “Extra” has all new video of Britney Spear wearing a brown wig out and about in Santa Monica, California last night. Spears is all smiles and has what appears to be pen drawings on her hands. It is being reported that she stepped out of Promises for the evening for an AA meeting.

And – Simon Cowell came to “Extra” with a dose of tough love for Spears. He says, “I’d be saying go home to mom and dad… lock the door, eat some normal food, don’t go out with your stupid friends. Grow your hair back and make a decent record.” Cowell reveals, “I know for a fact there are about 20 record producers… who are waiting to get Britney Spears into a recording studio… some of the best in the world actually.” As to whether or not Spears can make a comeback, Cowell adds, “If she makes a decent record… she’ll have a hit." [Watch Extra for all the BS news you can handle! Get airtimes and more at the full story link]
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