Jawbox on Cello: A Benefit for Cal Robbins

(PR) Jawbox was one of the DC post-punk scene's most influential, yet under-appreciated bands. After breaking up in the late 90's following a string of four amazing albums, their influence and notoriety has only grown with the passing years. When Jawbox founder J. Robbins and his wife Janet learned in late 2006 that their infant son, Callum, had the debilitating neuromuscular disease Type I Spinal Muscular Atrophy, musicians and fans from all over the world asked how they could help. Some held benefit shows, made benefit compilations, or simply donated at the page that fellow ex-Jawbox members Kim Coletta and Bill Barbot set up at the Desoto Records website.

Longtime fan and cellist Gordon Withers, of Boston indie rockers Betwixt fame, realized that now was the time to dust off the Jawbox cello arrangements he'd written for a college project back in 2000. Earlier this year, he hooked up with producer/songwriter Alex Nelson (Frenjen) and headed into Alex's Ft. Lauderdale studio. The result is Jawbox on Cello: A Benefit for Cal Robbins, a collection of twelve Jawbox songs, several from each of their four albums, arranged for cello ensemble that will be released digitally on December 18 through Ioda. Withers played all the parts on the album, using the wide dynamic range of the cello to highlight Jawbox's amazing melodies and song-craft, which were formerly often hidden behind their walls of guitar distortion.

After a few successful small shows in Florida playing against a backing tape, Withers has moved north to the Washington, DC area, and hopes to hold a series of shows with a full cello quartet throughout the northeast as logistics permit. He has already performed in Brooklyn and will be booking more shows in the near future. Jawbox on Cello will be available for purchase at all shows, and all proceeds benefit the Cal Robbins Care Fund. The album is also available from Withers' - Myspace page

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