Zombie Talks Turkey

(PR) Forget Halloween. Thanksgiving is the scariest time of year─if you're a turkey. So peta2 looked no further than Rob Zombie to narrate the message on its new holiday hotline, 1-888-VEG-FOOD, where callers can hear the Halloween and House of 1000 Corpses director warn that eating turkey supports misery that even the horror king can't stomach.

"Every year, Butterball's Turkey Talk Line answers questions about how to boil, broil, roast, and toast the bodies of these gentle, smart, and social birds," begins Zombie's message. "What Butterball doesn't tell you is that it, like other meat companies, tortures turkeys before they end up in grocery stores."

Zombie went vegetarian while in high school after seeing a documentary about slaughterhouses. "It freaked me out, and I found it so disgusting that I stopped eating meat," he says.

He continues on the hotline message, "Turkeys often become painfully crippled because they are given drugs to make them grow so unnaturally large that their legs splinter. The birds' throats are often slit while they are still conscious and able to feel pain. In one Butterball slaughterhouse, PETA found a worker sexually assaulting birds and another stomping on birds' heads until their skulls exploded." Zombie goes on to urge callers to visit GoVeg.com for tips on cooking great meatless holiday meals. He also asks callers to contact Butterball and tell the company to stop torturing turkeys.

For more information and to hear Rob Zombie's holiday hotline, please visit http://www.peta2.com/outthere/o_rob_zombie.asp?c=p22643

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