Radiohead Fans Kick Gift Horse in the Mouth

(antiMusic) Radiohead will make history today (Wednesday) when they allow fans to buy a digital copy of their new album "In Rainbows" at whatever price they choose. However, some fans are angry now that details about the actual files have been released and are complaining on Radiohead message boards.

Radiohead will be offering the MP3 files at 160 kbps bitrate, which is higher than the standard iTunes bitrate of 128 kbps and some fans are upset that the files are not being offered at a much higher rate complaining that the sound quality won't be good enough.

MP3 files are typically compressed to make them smaller and during compression some of the sound quality is lost. The bitrate is an indication of the amount of compression, thus a 160 kbps will sound better than a 128 kbps file. A "lossless" MP3 file at double the bitrate of the ones Radiohead is offering fans is not compressed or have very little compression. Some fans are angry that they are not getting the "lossless" files and say that the 160 kbps files are not worth downloading. - Read some of the whining from creeps here

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