Radiohead Make Almost $10 Million on CD So Far?

(Gigwise) It appears that the offer to fans to pay whatever they like for a CD download didn't result in fans being cheap. While they apparently paid about half of what a new CD costs in stores, Radiohead has already made almost $10 million dollars from their revolutionary new business model in less than a week according to an estimate from Gigwise.

If the actual numbers come anywhere close to these estimates we are indeed witnessing a major revolution in popular music that may forever change how established artists release music. Here is part of the Gigwise report: A poll of in excess of 3,000 people on a Record of the Day website has found that the average price a Radiohead fan paid for a copy of 'In Rainbows' was 4.

Corroborated with our exclusive that the Oxford band shifted 1.2million copies of the album thanks to inside knowledge of a source close to the band it means that Radiohead could have potentially earned a massive 4.8million from the album already! - more on this story

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