Radiohead Scam?

(antiMusic) Was Radiohead's whole "pay what you want" to download our new album all just an elaborate publicity scam to encourage fans to pay for the music twice? Was the sinister plan to offer the physical CD in a few months with extra tracks and use the download as a way to encourage fans to buy the CD when it hits shelves? That's one of the arguments in a story USA Today ran on Monday which said in part:

Radiohead's management also confirmed that a physical CD of In Rainbows will hit shelves sometime in January, possibly with extra songs.

In an interview last week with British trade magazine Music Week, Radiohead's longtime managers, Chris Hufford and Bryce Edge, acknowledged that the download offer was a piece of a larger puzzle to generate more publicity for the CD release.

"If we didn't believe that when people hear the music they will want to buy the CD, then we wouldn't do what we are doing," Edge said. - Read the full USA Today article

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