Kid Rock Off The Hook as Lee Drops Charges

(antiMusic) Remember a few weeks back at the MTV Video Music Awards when Kid Rock made the show actually entertaining when he b*****-slapped Tommy Lee? At the time the former Motley Thru drummer reportedly pressed charges but has now apparently decided to let the whole incident drop along with his complaint.

Las Vegas police cited Kid Rock for misdemeanor battery following the slap heard round the world, but on Monday the Clark County District Attorney's Office announced that will they "will not pursue a battery charge against Robert James Ritchie, aka Kid Rock, involving a confrontation with Tommy Lee on Sept. 9, 2007, at Palms Hotel and Casino," Chief Deputy D.A. Ron Bloxham said in a statement.

"It should be noted that Tommy Lee has requested that there be no prosecution relating to the incident and there were no injuries to either person." Bruised ego aside, Tommy let it go. Now if you missed the blow by blow on this feud including the verbal fights that took place in statements and interviews, E! has the whole sorry mess laid out for your reading enjoyment
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