Ra Offering Christmas Download

(antiMusic) Normally we skip news on bands on this "label" but we have to make an exception here. Criminally underrated rockers Ra are offering up their fans a very special Christmas present. Frontman Sahaj announced on the band's Myspace page that in the spirit of the season they are giving away a download of their new single. Here is Sahaj's report: "On Christmas day 2007 for 24 hrs the new Ra single 'Broken Hearted Soul' will be downloadable! After that it will be on our myspace page for preview. Black Sun will follow early 2008. Don't miss out on the free download. We think this new track is easily one of our best to date but of course that's for you to decide."

Back in May they posted a blog about the new CD here is what they had to say: Recording for Black Sun is well underway. We have more than half of the tracks done and we already have our "lead track" which we are stoked about! its ethnic, its heavy, its danceable, and its catchy as all hell! We are however at alittle bit of a stand still at the moment while we move the studio to a new location. We hope to have the record done by the summers end and have it out by early fall.

If anyone is wondering what to do to support the band in the meantime...you can never call your local radio station enough and request your favorite RA song! It lets them know that you guys are always in need of some Ra on the radio. Aside from that, you can tell your friends about the band, play them the music(hell download it for them for all we care) just turn people on to the music! - more on this story

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