Led Zeppelin Reunion Talks

(antiMusic) There are two prevalent rumors in the hard rock world that never seem to come true. One that Guns N' Roses have set a firm release date for their new CD and the other that Led Zeppelin are planning a reunion. The Zeppelin rumor mill is churning at full speed and despite Robert Plant's recent denials, one of those "sources" popped out of the woodwork and says that the band is planning a big comeback concert.

We all know that unnamed sources are probably the last people you should listen to, especially with the recent Rolling Stones are retiring story and the denied Zeppelin reunion rumor from a few weeks back where the source forgot to tell Robert Plant about the supposed reunion. So take this one with a pound of salt.

Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones are reportedly in talks to play the 02 Arena with Jason Bonham filling in for his late father. Of course, this rumor rings of another recent rumor which may give it more credence or make it smell that much more fishy since it's reportedly being set up to honor the late record mogul that gave them their deal, Ahmet Ertegun. This was a big part of the last rumor that Plant dismissed. "If there was one, then there wouldn't be enough doctors to support it," Plant said back in June when the rumor first surfaced.

The Telegraph quotes a "source" saying that the deal is being worked on, "The talks are ongoing but it looks like a definite possibility. Nothing has been finalized but fingers crossed the most anticipated comeback concerts ever could become a reality."

Meanwhile, UK concert promoter Harvey Goldsmith has fueled the rumor a bit while warning fans to stay away from scam artists offering tickets and wait for the "official" ones. Of course, some of the reports could be reading far more into his comment than he intended.

So will it happen? Or will this rumor go down like a lead balloon like so many others? We'll wait and see.

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