20 Ugliest People in Rock

(antiMusic) The folks at Gigwise had some time to kill so they decided to put together a top 20 ugliest people in rock feature. Which is rather more relevant than all of those lame Blender lists. They used the term rock very loosely as the list contains people well outside of rock and it contains a bunch of British blokes we never heard of on this side of the pond.

Curiously absent is a certain metal godfather's daughter but at least they included the obvious Jacko and Courtney Love. As an added bonus Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance made the list which should send all of those emo crybabies into a tissyfit.

Gigwise says of the list, "Captured at their least flattering, there are rock stars who've deteriorated through drug abuse, those who were born naturally ugly and those who've had plastic surgery that's gone wrong." See who made the fuggly list - right here

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