FBI Investigate K Fed Murder Threat

(antiMusic) The first person the Feds should have talked to was the nutjob's who "leave Britney alone" video is burning up the web. That being said, the FBI and LAPD were called on to investigate claims that someone put out a contract on Kevin Federline. Possible the only hit the failed rapper and Britney ex could ever hope for.

Sorry for all the Britney news but this stuff is just too fun to pass up. In this case, word came out during the K Fed Britney legal battle royal over the custody of their children. Contact music reports that "LAPD spokesman Lee Sands has confirmed agents investigated a possible contract hit on Federline and passed the information on to police department detectives... Sands confirms the LAPD opened an investigation in June (07) regarding the incident. He adds, 'Detectives found nothing to substantiate the allegations. The case is closed at this time'" Damn.

That wasn't only news in Britney land on Monday, first her lawyer in the custody battle quit and it seems that her manager has had enough and dropped the pop star. According to Contact Music, Jeff Kwatinetz issued a statement on Monday saying that he and his partners at top agency The Firm have "terminated our professional relationship with Britney Spears." And there are reports that she has lost custody of her children, at least temporarily.

Britney supposedly had another meltdown on Sunday. Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles reportedly 86d the singer for life after she smeared a plate of gourmet food over her face thus offending the stuffy diners at the upscale restaurant.

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