Oops Britney Crashes Again, But Her Makeup Looks Fine

(TMZ) [Britney Spears] was the driving force in a minor three car [accident] Saturday night -- but cops say she was dead sober when it happened. Minutes before Britney Spears caused a three car crash on an Saturday night, she was driving the same way most women in L.A. do -- putting on her makeup behind the wheel!

According to the CHP collision report, the popwreck drove her 2008 Mercedes into the back 2006 Nissan as she drove on the 101freeway in L.A. around 8:18 PM PT. The other driver was a 20-year-old man from the valley -- his friends are gonna love this.

TMZ spoke with the guy she hit, who says before the accident, he was admiring the white Mercedes and the woman putting on makeup while driving it. It wasn't until after she hit him at an estimated 10-15 MPH that he realized the woman was Britney. The man also says he wasn't sure if she was still putting on makeup at the time of the crash. - more on this story

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