Parkouring 3 Doors Down

(Total Assault) 3 Doors Down are unveiling their new video for their hit song, "It's Not My Time" on Vh1.com today. The groundbreaking clip was helmed by acclaimed director Shaun Silva. Known for unfolding videos via storytelling, Silva, who has shot videos with Kenny Chesney, Faith Hill, Alan Jackson and Sugarland among others, was eager to work with 3 Doors. Filmed in Cincinnati, OH while the band was on tour last month, the video features a much heralded 'movement' technique called 'Parkouring.'

Parkouring has become a growing subculture phenomenon via YouTube, and was first discovered by a WWI French Naval officer during his experiences with the indigenous tribes of Africa. The Officer spent time studying people who were able to combine their natural physical skills with quickness-of-body techniques designed to gain ground with the least amount of energy expended.

Currently considered a respected discipline ala the marital arts, Parkour practitioners often utilize the technique as a time-saving maneuver during emergencies. The band's desire to shed a light on Parkouring is the first time this mysterious practice will be featured in a music video. - Watch it here

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