Seduced by Suicide Pull A Radiohead

(PR) Seduced by Suicide made the "Gothic Dream" CD available online, and fans will choose the price they want to pay for it.

Earth, the band's vocalist and multi-instrumentist comments this unusual decision: "Seduced by Suicide has fans on several places in the world, and I would like that all of them, no matter their geographical or economical situation, to have access to the complete songs. I don't like the idea to give for free something which took so much effort to be done, but I like the idea of letting the fan to choose how much he can and want to pay."

To download the album just visit the band's website www.seducedbysuicide.com and click on "Discography". The physical version of the CD will still be available for ordering for $15, with shipping costs included.

Samples of "Gothic Dream", besides of videos and the single "My Best Just For You" are available on the band's MySpace page at www.myspace.com/seducedbysuicide

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