Is Bad Music The Blame for Illegal Downloading?

(Blabbermouth) "Build it and they will come." Does that famous line from the film Field of Dreams also apply to music? "Make good music and they will buy," that's the argument that Disturbed's Mike Wengren makes in a new interview. It seems pretty obvious, but Wengren makes the case that too many artists have forgotten that rule of thumb and that's a big reason why music sales keep falling.

"Y'know, I think everyone is trying to point the finger record labels are to blame and everyone else is to blame, but I personally feel that it's the artists that are to blame," Wengren told The Metal Forge. "If the artists put out great music and they put out great records instead of records that had maybe one or two good singles on it and the rest of the record is totally filler, then I think that would be a huge part of it. I think people would be willing to buy a good-quality record and I think that our fans prove that.

"We pride ourselves on taking the time on every single note, every single beat, and making sure that there are no fillers on our records, and our fans know it. They appreciate it, and they come out and they actually buy the records. The sales have definitely reflected that. Y'know, I don't want to sound conceited in any way. But we know that our fans work hard for their money and we don't want to cheat them. We wanna give them every penny worth." - Read more excepts from this interview here

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