A Path To Legal Piracy?

(Music Radar) A proposed plan to include a 'music royalty' payment in US university tuition fees could see students legally allowed to download music via Bittorrent, P2P and other filesharing networks.

If successful, some analysts believe a similar model could be adopted to 'monetise' piracy across the entire internet. The university idea is that a portion of students' tuition fees would be taken by a non-profit organisation (a royalty collection society in the same vein as ASCAP or the UK's PRS) and divvied out to copyright owners. Students would then be able to continue using filesharing networks to download music without fear of legal action.

The new plan (proposed by Jim Griffin on behalf of Warner) would apparently be pretty cheap too perhaps as low as $5-per-month and it's already attracted the attention of three of the four major labels. - more on this story

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