Radiohead Kill Remix

(Gigwise) Gigwise has spoken to Radiohead's long-term manager Bryce Edge about the decision to prohibit Amplive from releasing a remix version of 'In Rainbows' and he explained to us that the decision boiled down to two major factors.

As reported earlier today, Radiohead's publishers Warner/Chappell sent a 'cease and desist' letter to Amplive's label saying that by releasing 'Rainydayz', the producer had created "musical arrangements and remixes" without official agreement.

Explaining things, Edge said the first problem was that Amplive used an image of Thom Yorke on his website advertising the album, therefore inferring the frontman's involvement.

Secondly, Edge iterated the point that management had a major grievance about fans being told to forward on their 'In Rainbows' purchase email to receive the free remix album. - He has a lot more to say

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