Gibson's Guide To The Essential Doors

(antiMusic) This isn't news, but an interesting article covering the must have Doors albums. Here is the intro from Gibson.com followed by the link: Hard to imagine, but had he not died in that bathtub in Paris in 1971, Jim Morrison would be turning 65 this summer. In the years since the singer's untimely demise, interest in the Doors has waned at times, but invariably something comes along (a movie, a book) that kickstarts renewed fascination with the band.

During their five-year reign as America's premiere rock group, Ray Manzarek, Robbie Krieger, John Densmore, and Morrison released a series of albums that both embodied and transcended the turbulent spirit of the late '60s.

Working with a stylistic palette that ranged from avant-garde theater to primitive electric blues, the band framed Morrison's Dionysian attempts to "break on through" in music that was perfectly suited to the task at hand. The group's essential albums—as described at the following link—testify to the timeless nature of their songs. - more on this story

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